Monday, July 10, 2017

Weekend Trip to Ouray by Elena

Last weekend we went to Ouray, it was super fun. We got to go to the hot springs and they recently remodeled it so it was a new experience for everyone. They added 2 water slides, the brown one went straight down and made your stomach drop so that was exciting. Then there was the white one that one just went in a circle, I guess that one was fun but it was more for the younger kids I think? After the hot springs, we went into the town of Ouray and  played a game called bigger or better. I was in a team with Adaley, Harper, Saige and Karina. That went pretty well. After playing bigger or better, Adaley, Harper, Saige, Karina and I all got dinner. It was very good. We got ice cream and we saw the Dirt Bags at the ice cream store, most of them were asking for money it was pretty funny. After we walked around town and got dinner, it was time to meet at the vans to hike up to a waterfall. It was soooooooo pretty up there and very fun. After the waterfall, we had a 2 hour car drive home that was b.o.r.i.n.g/I fell asleep for some of it. Anyways, the day in Ouray was awesome.

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