Monday, June 29, 2015


Good Afternoon Everyone!

This Sunday we headed to Mild to Wild where we loaded everyone up with sunblock and got handed a PFD and paddle.  We jumped on the bus and through the throng of parents and kids and counted campers to make sure nobody was left behind.  

The river was cold but the air was warm so the temperature on the boat was a nice balance. If you got a little wet, which happened some of the time, it actually felt pretty good. 

In fact, people stayed pretty dry throughout the whole ride.  However, when we came around one of the last bends in our ride, the experienced river runners knew that would likely change. Those in the know are aware of Smelter Rapids, and that we were going to get a lot more wet.  

Our river guides actually made us get out and scout the rapids. They needed to check out the water, so we could proceed safely. Fortunately it was a go, we paddled hard, got super wet, but managed to keep everyone in the boat.  Hooray!

Everyone gave each other “hi-fives” and the remainder of the afternoon was awash in everyone giving “play-by-plays” of the run down the river. Somehow we didn’t notice how cold and wet we were, but we dried off pretty quick. 

Stay tuned for more updates.  As pictures come in, we will post them here and on the Flicker account.  Stayed tuned for a link. Meanwhile, check out this shot from the river. 

DMC SUMMER 2015!!!!


Thanks for checking in on DMC from wherever you are in the world.

Things have gotten off to a great start. Even though the campers only arrived on Friday, it already feels like we have been at camp forever.

In fact, camp is now officially underway. Our first morning of Academics are finished and right now campers are either reading, resting, or getting ready for Outdoor Pursuits.

Stay tuned!!!