Thursday, June 30, 2016

Evening Activities

Each night after dinner, the campers have the opportunity to get out their last bit of energy by participating in evening activities. We rotate through activities such as soccer, ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, basketball, fishing, river play, board games and bead making. The campers this year have been particularly excited about basketball. All participants have the chance to get warmed up by playing a couple quick rounds of Knockout. Then the real game is kicked off with a jump ball between each teams shortest player. Where the game lacks in rule following, it gains in competition and overall fun.  It’s a great way for all basketball abilities and levels to come together in an all out, DMC, street style basketball game. Let the “baskets rain” and the “ankles break” as the games continue. 
- Cassidy 

Wild Colorado Checks In

"Watch out for that cactus." Our group was thousands of feet up in elevation, hiking, and we had to watch each step. We didn't want to get pricked by thorns or misstep and slide on loose rock. 

The mountainous journey of today's hike for the "Wild Colorado" group was worth it though: our destination of the "Indian Cave" proved to be a hit with the campers.

The Indian Cave, now part of a large park system north of Durango, is named for its previous occupants. The ceiling close to the entrance to the cave is marked with soot from the fires that used to burn here. 

Exploring further back in the cave, campers found pools of water, stalactites, stalagmites, and guano. The back most cavern of the cave had a secret room where all of us gathered. When all of the flashlights were turned off the room became pitch black and no one could see their hand in front of their face. 

See this story unfolded below:


Hi All,

Durango Mountain Camp is underway! It seems like it has been a year since we got everything started last Friday. We have been busy, busy, busy with a ton of academics and adventures.

This week campers and tutors have found their groove, figuring out where they need to start and hitting the O-G ground running.

Also, outdoor pursuits are in full swing exploring the area on horseback, bike, kayak, rope, or on foot. Evening activities have been a blast too with the first round of Mountain Madness taking place just tonight.

Stay tuned for more posts!