Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Durango Mountain Camp 2017!!!


Good Afternoon Everyone!

This past Sunday we headed to Mountain Waters Rafting Company where we were going to start our 2 hour rafting trip on the river. We jumped on the bus, and through the throng of parents and kids and counted campers to make sure nobody was left behind.  

Once we arrive at the river, after the safety talk, we were handed a life jacket and a paddle. We all boarded the rafts and headed down the river.

The river was cold but the air was warm so the temperature on the boat was a nice balance. If you got a little wet, which happened most of the time, (thanks to a Dad and his son throwing buckets of water off the bridges as we went under!!!)  it actually felt pretty good.

If you weren't already wet, things were about to change. We came around one of the last bends in our ride.  Those in the know are aware of Smelter Rapids, and that we were going to get a lot more wet.  

Our river guides checked in with everyone and asked if anyone would like to get out before the rapids. After the campers got out who wanted to,  it was a go, we paddled hard, got super wet, but managed to keep everyone in the boats.  Hooray!

 Somehow we didn’t notice how cold and wet we were, but we dried off pretty quick. 

Fun was had by all!!!!!