Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day One

Parents, let me start off by saying we love you. After you left yesterday we (the staff) had a chance to meet your wonderful kids. We played a few fun get-to-know you games, enjoyed a light dinner, then moved on to our cabin meetings. In the meetings our campers had a chance to get to know their counselors and the campers they will be staying with this summer.

As far as first days go, this one has been a great one so far.

Because of the academic nature of our camp the first full day is one of testing. This serves two purposes. First it lets us know where your kids are so we can customize their tutoring specifically to their needs. Second, it gives us a point of reference so we can measure their progress.

Now, a day of nothing but testing just wouldn't be a great day, so we also had a hike up to pristine Potato Lake and played some intense games of kick ball and capture the flag. We also taught campers how to safely and properly use a hatchet while we built seating around the fire ring for tonight's camp fire.

We'll get some photo's up on our flickr ( ) soon.

In the mean time, it's almost dinner and Dan's home made spaghetti sauce is not to be missed.


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