Friday, July 2, 2010

Gettin' into the Groove

Just like every other organization, we do have our routines here at DMC. We know them, love them, and live by them. From Mysto Man and his cabin cleanliness checks, to our beautiful beloved buddy beads we do things our own way out here. After a few days just about everyone had the hang of it. Our daily schedule is a busy one, but we have a lot of things we have got to do.

Take for example yesterday (Thursday). Where else would a 16 year old girl get up at 6:00am, eat breakfast, goto tutoring, enjoy an art class painting gourds, goto study hall, then writing class. Then, at 12:20pm, goto lunch, relax an hour, learn the basics of (BB) rifle marksmanship, hike through/jump off six creek waterfalls, and socialize for an hour. Then, and 6:00pm have dinner, play a wicked game of lacrosse, have dessert, and end the day with an hour of reading?

Almost makes you wonder, what did I do today?

Regardless, we are running full steam ahead. I'll get some more photos up soon.


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