Thursday, June 28, 2012

DMC 2012

Hi Parents and Friends of DMC

It’s 5:56 on Tuesday and I’m scrambling to get an email off to all of you prior to our 6 PM dinner.
The campers are all back from their various outdoor pursuits which today consisted of Horses, Mountain Biking, Climbing, River Surfing, and Rafting. Some of the campers are now in their cabins cleaning up and getting ready for dinner, others are outside playing on the court or socializing, and the rest are in the red room playing games.The first few days have gone exceedingly well. We have a good group of return campers, and except for 2 new additions, our whole staff has returned. Overall the campers seem enthusiastic and engaged. Oops, the bell is ringing and the kids are flowing in for dinner. OK – Dinner is now over.

Here are a few items for you to know:

Communications – The girl cabin is now called the Mocking Jays and their calling night is on Monday, the Vikings are the youngest boys and they call on Tuesdays. The older boys, the Kane Imuas (which is Hawaiian for men that never give up), call on Wednesdays. Calling time is 5-6 PM. All of the campers are allowed to use the camp computers for emailing and social media such as Facebook, daily between 5-6, so hopefully you can have adequate communication with your youngster.

We distribute mail and printed emails at “Mail Call Wall” just after dinner, so keep the mail coming, or you can email you camper via, or, we will print the email out and distribute.

Christine or Stephanie will be in the camp office daily from 89:00-12:30, so that is a good time to call if you need to talk to somebody. We will return calls in the afternoon if we can’t talk to you directly. The camp phone number is 970-385-4449.

Mail can be sent to Durango Mountain Camp 454 Academy Drive, Durango, CO 81301

Starting tomorrow we’ll be posting blogs and photos on our website at

I know that there has been some national news coverage of the fire “near Durango”. This fire is actually centered near Mancos, which is about 35 miles from camp. We had some smoke clouds in the area on Saturday – Sunday, and a little bit on Monday, but the past two days have been clear.The weather has been unusually hot and dry, but today was a bit cooler with more cloud cover, so hopefully that trend will continue.
We are expecting great progress this summer! Time to go play dodge ball down by the river.

Zane Bilgrav
Durango Mountain Camp

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