Friday, June 29, 2012

Week 1

Week one of Durango Mountain Camp was filled with activity. The oldest cabin, the Surf Shack, split up into two outdoor pursuits. Half went mountain climbing and climbed X Rock, but that was only the build up for the Golden repel which they completed on Friday. The other half went mountain biking and trekked Purgatory Mountain. It was awesome, even with all the endos. The girls cabin, The Mocking Jays, spent the week horseback riding and jumping hurdles. Overall, it was a challenging, but fun first week of outdoor pursuits.

Academics were challenging as well. The reading tutors have been pushing their students. Mitchell C, one of the oldest campers commented that the first week was tough, “but it will really me in the end”. Logan T loves art class because there are so many different projects, like lantern making and sculpture design, they have been able to work on and that keeps it fresh. Jake M. says that writing class is his favorite period because, “It is super-awesome. I get to make fictional money that I can spend in tutoring class with tutor Pam. This helps keep me motivated.”

This weekend the camp will go to Ouray, which Mary S. claims is the greatest town ever because of the hot springs and because everyone there is so kind.

“Week one has been amazing”

- DMC Writing Class 2012

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