Thursday, July 15, 2010

Campers Speak Out!

Best Camp Moment
So far, the best moment at camp was when I went down Smelter Rapid in an inner tube. It was great fun. When I went down, I could only see a wall of whitewater. Crashing into the water, I felt the full force of the river. Amazingly, I survived the wall of water!

By: Jack

My Perfect Day
Now my perfect day would be of course the best day ever. I would start by simply awakening to my excited dogs in my room, wagging their little tails, happily waiting for me to move. After a while an irresistible scent of pancakes determined me to get up and eat. They were deliciously fluffy with whip cream and fruit. Since the pancakes were so distracting, I finally realized I had to get ready. As I started walking around the house I noticed how big and fancy it was, like a beautiful dream. As curious as I was I kept walking and went outside and looked around more. The house had probably an acre or two of land and right next to a river. I decided I should probably go in and noticed it was 11:00 and I had to leave right then! Now your probably wondering where I would be going? Well skydiving, the most extreme thing I’ve ever done!

I called for my mom and showed her the time, so she hurriedly shot right down stairs, knowing we were going to be late. I couldn’t be late for well the most exciting day ever or most terrifying, but I guess I would find out soon. My mom nervously grabbed her keys and unlocked the car shoving me in and nagging at me. Since sadly she was the only one that would go with me, everybody else was too scared. Finally we drove our miniature, uncomfortable, and squished up mazda to pick up Emily. We drove down our street and stopped in a friendly little house’s driveway. We honked our horn and Emily came running to our car and hopped on in.

About 20 minutes later we parked at a big boring brick building. Where we could be meeting our instructor, named Chas Whom seemed to be extra friendly and surprised that two 14 year olds were going skydiving. After showing us all of the steps and rules we headed to the helicopter. I had never been so close to one, it was sweet with an American flag print on it. Me, Emily, and the instructor jumped in, as my mom walked away. She said goodbye and have fun and all of that other stuff, but truly was probably scared and going through all of the bad things that could happen. Finally the propellers started spinning and me and Emily jumped in the back seat, while Chas went through all of the safetly precautions again. The propellers went faster and faster and soon we were hovering in the air, hundreds of feet about the ground. Emily and I put on our gear and double checked it. The helicopter stayed in the same spot and we walked toward the side and looked down.

By: Grayson

Tops of trees
Wind rushing by
Mist in the air
Smooth rock
A dry mouth
A blank mind
Moving smoothly on the rock

By: Grant

Best Moment at Camp.
My best moment at camp would have to be biking down Horse Gulch. To go down, you have to go up. After two hours biking up, we finally got to enjoy the ride coming down. On the way down, I was like Speed Racer in my Mach Five. On the way down I yelped, “Ya hoo!” Then, out of nowhere, a small animal flew into my mouth. I stopped instantly, followed by a cough. I coughed up a grasshopper, and that was my best day ever.

By: Adam

Best Moment
My favorite moment at camp was hanging out in the cabin. I had fun in the cabin because we have a lot of food and it’s fun to talk at night. We try to get a workout in every night, so I’m hoping to leave camp being fit. Also in the cabin, both of my leaders are a lot of fun to hang with. Once a week we have a big clean in our cabin and when were working, we are allowed to listen to music and have fun while we clean. In are cabin in the morning, we always have silent mornings. During the night we make bracelets and there really fun to make. Our cabin is so much fun to be in.


The Wicked Truck
     The truck is an old Ford 650. It was totaled from a ninety-nine car pile up. The truck was crushed from both sides. The windshield was broken and the engine fell out in the middle of the road. A tow truck took the truck to the dump. Luckily, I was at the dump that day so I told the owner of the shop that I would give him $350 for it and he said that is a deal.

     So, I took the truck home and I started to work on it. The first thing I started to work on was the engine. I put a new engine in the truck. It was a big block a twelve cylinder and with a NOS system in it as well. So all together, the truck was 3300 horse power. I changed the color of the truck to orange. I put a five foot lift kit on it and the best Bose stereo system in it as well. The truck looked sick, but I was still not done. Also, the truck was a gas guzzling diesel. The stock rims I had to let go. So I decided to replace them with orange, heavy duty rims. The exhaust pipes came through the bed of the truck witch look very sick. This is my most Wicked Truck ever, made by me.

By: Woody

Mind blowing
Singing to myself
Focused and clear

By: Jackson

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