Thursday, July 8, 2010

There's a Madness in these Mountains

Well, at least there is every Wednesday evening. See, we here at DMC believe that while variety may be the spice of life madness is the sugar. (Why else would we voluntarily lock ourselves up in cabins for five weeks with a bunch of kids?!?) So once a week we provide a special evening activity in a series we call 'Mountain Madness'.

Our first week camp brought Mountain Madness in the form of Water Balloon Madness. We broke into teams of three and spread out on the basketball court while teams took turns launching balloons 50+ feet into the air in an attempt to bomb the other teams. It's a bit harder than it sounds but we've yet to have everyone return to dessert dry.

This week we did our Madness Relay. With people split into teams of five we put them through their paces in evens water balloon launching, egg tossing, BB gun shooting, and other forms of Tom-foolery.

All in all it makes for a good time and mixes up our evening activities a bit.

And if that wasn't enough Academic Olympics start tonight, but I'll tell you about that a little later (tomorrow, peradventure?)


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  1. Tom! So glad you're doing a blog! It's Diana, a former tutor (only for one summer) and Colin (a former day camper). Say hi to Nelson for us and thanks for posting photos and the 'goings on'. We miss you guys!