Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Lot Happens in Six Days!

Let me start off by apologizing. I know many of you check this blog regularly looking for updates and I haven't posted up in six days. I'm sorry. I sat down a few time to bust out a post only to interrupted and get pulled away. I'm not making excuses, just apologies. With that said . . .

What a week it has been! We had Academic Olympics, visited the Animas Forks ghost town, spent some time in Silverton and started the second week of our first outdoor pursuits. But, before I tell you about all that great stuff I'd like to point out that today is the halfway point of camp!!! (Crazy, no?)

So, Academic Olympics is great. Each cabin wages a war of intellect against the other in a trivia game that has question spanning the categories of Academics (What are 6 of the 8 letter combo's that make the 'er' sound?), Colorado (What is the full name of the Animas Rives in English or Spanish?), Camper/Staff Trivia (What staff member is a triplet?), Sports (Who co-invented the SCUBA system?), and Outdoor Pursuits (What are the four commands in climbing?). To the victor goes the spoils and in this case the spoils is a meteor crater sized bowl of ice cream for the cabin to share. We have two sessions of Academic Olympics. Last week the Sherpas won. Who will win next week? That is anyone's bet (and I heard Bobby is the counselor taking bets this year).

Last weekend we had the opportunity to explore the Animas Forks ghost town, which is a treat. ( The campers get an opportunity to explore buildings that have survives a rugged environment that chased their builders out, including the site of an infamous murder. After our self guided exploration we enjoyed a picnic lunch and headed down to Silverton. Silverton is a fun mining town that offers many shoppes and curios. All is all we had a really good time.

As for the second week of our first outdoor pursuits, we continue to build upon skills learned. Those climbers are climbing higher, the bikers pedaling harder, the kayakers paddling faster, horses riding further, and us in Wild Colorado, well, we just continue to explore the wonders and activities of Colorado (I was in a cave in the bowels of the earth but two hours ago). Expect great things. :)

I have a few photos to upload, so check out our flickr site soon (you know, nowish), the link is down at the bottom of this blog. Also check back here for some writing samples from our awesome campers.

Until next time (which will be sooner, rather than later, I promise),

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