Friday, July 14, 2017

Creative Writing in Period 2

Miss Mollie and Miss Jen have a very creative group of girls in Period 2 who expressed interest in developing their creative writing skills. Here are some snippets of their work from this week:

 The Bird Princess by Adaley

The soft grass swallowed the children's toes as they ran, their once-frigid popsicles turning to soup in the scorching sun. The birds whistled their lovely tune that flowed through the ears of those who strolled by. The song the bird sang warmed my heart with the stories from long, long ago. It reminded me of a story I was told at an age no older than the kids playing in the park across the quiet road. The story started with the song of a bird.


The first time I heard it, I was in my over-sized room on the 4th floor of our over-sized house. When I heard the yelp above me, I felt the pain, her pain. It shocked me and sent a jolt of tapering pain down my spine. I tried to get up, I needed to get to her but my small bare feet were rooted to the ground trying to keep me away from her, trying to keep me away from Lana. I hear it again, I need to get up, I need to go help her. I fight against the forceful pull keeping me away from her. I pull back but It feels as if someone is grabbing my legs, I can’t get up off my over-sized bed I feel helpless, I can’t breathe.
“JACKIE!” she screams
I need to get up to her. The pull stops and I fall to the floor sweating, my eyes swelling with tears, I blink them back. My mind goes blank.
It all comes rushing back, the yelp, Lana, mother, attic.

North Central Kansas Free Fair Horse Show by Cajsa

My favorite part is always the flag race. Feeling the excitement flow from Sparks to me, and as he takes off into a gallop, my heart starts to flutter like a butterfly in my chest. The sight of the flag fluttering in the humid summer breeze. Hearing his hooves pound on the dry ground. Getting a mouthful of dust, as I snatch the green flag. Finally being able to catch my breath as I exit the arena. Smelling the sweat off the horses.

Trading Partners by Abby

“She never liked the cage. That’s Harper, this is her fourth time in the cage this month.”

I witness in uniforms men, well, I think they’re men, drag her out of the plaza and in through the gates. I was just released just a few minutes ago.
“Welcome to The Trade, I’m Nevada,” finally introducing herself after we watched Harper squirm, kick, and scream at the top of her lungs.

“I’m Hazel,” I say, as we awkwardly shake hands.
“Now, let’s get you introduced to everyone,” Nevada says, gesturing me to follow her.

As we walk down the uneven stone path to the East Wall, I glance up and see a bright blue sky and the sun beaming down on us, signifying that it’s noon. On either side of us, there were small abodes of different pastel colors, with long shaggy grass in front of them, and little paths leading to their doors. As we made our way from the plaza in the middle of our enclosure and we reached the side of our four-cornered area, there were letters on the wall in front of us that spelled E-A-S-T...whatever that means.

Deep Dark Woods by Elle

“I told you not to go in there!” screamed Miranda as she was running across the heavily wooded fields. It was early spring in Colorado now, all the trees and flowers were blossoming, but Miranda did not have that on her mind. All she wanted to do was get away from Gary Wise’s cabin in the deep dark woods before night fall, but little did she know that she was not going to make it.

“Ring ring, ring ring” Stephen calls awaiting my answer. I pick up. “Mel! You been accepted to DMC!” He says in excitement. “Finally...” I say in relief.  Stephen’s my dad, I’m Melia but people call me Mel, Rosie, Rose, Ray, Rosie Posey. I prefer Rosie.
by Rosie

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