Monday, July 10, 2017

Rock Climbing by Baux

“Belay on,”
“Climb on.”

Rock climbing is a very fun sport. You will have a lot of fun if you do it. Justin and Logan are very fun to climb with. At Durango Mountain Camp, some of the rocks that we go to are harder and some are easy. This was the first week of climbing and I loved it. The first day it rained and that was not good but we did still climb. We went swimming multiple times in different lakes/rivers. One of the things that scared me but was cool at the same time were the MUD CAVES, they were really cool but like literally they were as cool as ice cream! Inside it was so dark everyone had a flashlight or a headlight. I had a headlight but it was really dull and not bright at all and that just made me more scared. The caves were very slimy and wet and all muddy! We got to one part of the cave that was full of mud and everyone got muddy, well I should not say everyone, I just watched on the slide but I still had a lot of fun. After we went to the mud cave we went to a lake and there was a snake in the water it was brown and had a light brown line going on its back. It was one that swam in the water it moved across the water as if it was a dolphin in the ocean. So, as you can see you will have a lot of fun if you do rock climbing!

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