Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Our Thoughts on Camp so Far by Reeve, Mitchell, and Liam

Why Durango Mountain Camp is Fun  
                               by Liam                            There are many reasons why DMC is fun. First, you can go rock climbing. Next, it helps your dyslexia and makes you more creative. You can do stuff you have never done before. In conclusion, there are many things you can learn at DMC. 

Camp is Fun by Reeve

There are many fun things to do at camp. Rock climbing and biking even rafting! Witch are called outdoor pursuits. Before you go adventure you do writing tutoring and study hall. In between periods you have lunch and snack, so you have enough energy for whatever out door pursuit you chose. My favorite thing to do at camp is outdoor pursuits. 

Mitchell’s Hobbies by Mitchell

I have a ton of hobbies. One of my hobbies is drawing. I like to doodle and sometimes do scribbles and drawings. Games are also fun to do. Everybody has hobbies and I have more too.

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