Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Expository Writing Examples from Writing Class

The Penny Should Die by Jack

The penny should die. First, it costs more than twice as much to make it than it is worth, and it takes $130,000,000 from the taxpayers that could be used on healthcare which could treat 120 people with top level cancer care for 3 years. Next, it is not even worth picking it up off the ground like when was the last time you picked up a penny from the ground? Finally, most businesses don't want to deal with the penny it cost money to store move and use the penny then it is worth. The penny is a thing from the past, and it should die NOW!!!

Tornadoes By Josie

Tornadoes can be quick but dangerous.  If tornadoes touch down, they can lift heavy objects like cars. Make sure to move away from windows, because they can break and fill the building with wind. They destroy and flatten buildings in their wake.  Make sure to be prepared in these situations.

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