Friday, July 14, 2017

Exploring Nature Through Creative Writing

In some of our Writing Classes, we've been adventuring into the great outdoors. Using our five senses to explore, here are some vivid sentences students created while observing this scenic part colorful Colorado:

The lightning danced liked a frog. 
The flames crackled at midnight! 
The rain stomped out the treacherous fire.
by Noah

The lightning danced across the metallic floor.
by Will

The tree burned as it rained on the hilltop. 
The beaver's dam flooded in the riverbank after it rained. 
by Mady

The mint exploded with vibrant flavors. 
by Damiano

The trees whished in the wind.
by Ever

The clouds are roaring in.
The cotton tree is whistling in the wind.
by Clayton

The thistles raked at my tender skin.
by Yony 

The pale daisies reached upstream towards the sun in the spring.
by Lilly 

The ants squirmed across the sidewalk. 
by Avery

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