Sunday, July 1, 2012

Campers Thoughts on Week 1 of Camp

The first week at DMC was very exiting. I have had some changes in my outdoor activities. First, we were going to go rafting down the river, but then we did a scavenger hunt. I did not mind that we did a scavenger hunt instead because it was still fun. The food here is great. The tater tots are always good. I love the cook here because she makes gluten free stuff for my brother and I. Art has been really fun. We have made many different things and played games this week. Overall, this was a good week at DMC, and I can't wait for next week.
-Chris Atchison

I thought the first week of DMC would be fun. I was right. I went kayaking, I got to ride my bike, and I met new friends. The food has been good. My favorite meal was pancakes that we had this morning. Also, during lunch I liked hot dogs. My cabin has been fine. Bobby said that during one of the next two weeks, we can go to Walmart, and I can get some Skylander cards. During night time activities I play soccer, dodgeball, and ultimate frisbee. My favorite is dodgeball. During nightly reading, I like to read. I have read six books and a few of those books I read really quickly. Overall, I really like going to camp because it is the funnest place I have ever been.
-Will Linzie

DMC is a lot of fun in the summer time. DMC has been really helpful for my reading. Last year I advanced in my reading by a great deal. The outdoor activities at DMC are amazing. You can go rock climbing, rafting, horseback riding, learn outdoor survival skills, get certified in S.C.U.B.A., and mountain bike. Last summer, my favorite outdoor activity was climbing a 14,000 mountain, which is called Red Cloud. I hope to do that again this summer. Also, this summer I am looking forward to going down sixty feet under water. I would definitely recommend DMC to other kids.
-Connor Rabbit

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