Friday, July 13, 2012

Students' Thoughts on DMC by Andrew Costigan (Tutor)

The following are quickly composed paragraphs by each of my tutoring students. They each discuss something the camper enjoyed at DMC. 

The boat race was a lot of fun. One fun part of the event was the launching of the water balloons. Our boat was not hit because they ran out of water balloons by the time we went into the water. Also, it was fun making the boats. We got to use our creative minds and art skills. Overall, the race was the most fun event in DMC history.
 -Chris A.
I love kayaking this summer. It is fun. I can go through the calm water and rapids. Sometimes we get to try different boats such as a hard shell kayak, paddle board, or ducky. Kayaking also works my arms. I have to paddle through rapids and sometimes upstream. Also, I get to surf. This happens at a rapid. The group gets to ride down a rapid on a ducky and repeat it over and over again. All in all, kayaking is a fun outdoor pursuit.
-Will L.
Scuba diving is fun, but you have to be careful. It is fun because you see more animals and living things in the ocean then you see in ten hours in the forest. That is a fact. Being able to see all those things is fantastic. Also, going down farther than ever before is also amazing. A scuba diver also needs to be safe. For example, it is important to equalize every two feet. If you don’t do this you might hurt your ears. All in all, scuba diving is a fun sport and one that I would like to do more often.  
 -Connor R.
In the past week at Durango Mountain Camp I have gone rock climbing. I have gone to the Fume Wall. It is located right near camp. It is made limestone and sandstone, and it is rated as 5.7. Soon we will be going repelling. Repelling is descending down wall or into a ravine or crevice with ropes and a harness. We are going to Cascade Creek to do this. Climbing is very safe when done right and with the correct equipment. Also, we have good instructors. In conclusion, rock climbing is one of my favorite things to do.
 -Grant R.

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