Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tutoring Gus and Elle with Juliet Zick

While practicing alphabet chips with Gus, he was having a very difficult time staying interested. He started pronouncing a few letters as if we was a dying animal or something. So, I had him start pronouncing all of the letters with this dramatic dislike, and we started calling them "Dying alpha-chips" to add some humor to the situation. It worked! He had a little more fun with it :)

Today I learned that Elle very much dislikes Word Searches because they are  hard for her. She is very used to memorizing things, and now she's learning some things are more difficult and can't be memorized. I really encouraged her in starting to learn to persevere...a great vocabulary word to challenge her as well (she enjoys vocabulary words). I also was able to teach her to type the "y" sound (the reading rules for the sound) on the computer, and this was very motivating to her!

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