Friday, July 13, 2012

Haviland Boat Races-Pete Kornoff

The clouds cleared just in time. The lake was a smooth as glass. It was a less-than-typical start to the boat race but a good one. The competitors patched up their boats from the 45 mph drive from the camp and took their jockey positions at the starting line for the race! The vessels for this competition were well built this year, and they did not fail to impress on the water!

Our winners for fastest around the buoy with three minutes, one second were the Earthquakes: Danny, Alex, Malcolm.

The longest afloat boat with over 23 minutes were team JMX: Jake, Max, and Joe.

The most creative boat winners were Puff: Sam, Jesse, and Adaley.

Team KA won most collaborative group with Taylor, Mitchell Chalker, and Katya.

Pics soon to follow tonight or tomorrow!

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