Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rafting by Bobby Haynes (Counselor)

I have been leading the CAT group and Riverunners afternoon groups these past few weeks.
In the CAT group, we recently did a little river surfing, hiked to potato lake, and went caving. For the Riverrunners group, we've been on paddle boats and have now switched to duckies and hope to switch to hard shells by the end of this week. We've also done a little paddle boarding, which everyone has enjoyed.
 In these groups, Max and Hunter are very experienced, so they've been powering through the rapids with ease and skill. Spencer told me he was really enjoying the mini ducky. Mary and Taylor did an excellent job of guiding the raft down the river, and Grant Reavis' skills at navigating the river have really improved from the second week.
Leading these groups has been a great experience. I've had a very mature group of campers this year rafting!

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