Wednesday, July 4, 2012

DMC Update-Tuesday

Hi Day Campers and Parents,

Here’s a quick update on the upcoming events at DMC.

Tomorrow is July 4 and our camp day will run as normal with academics in the morning and outdoor pursuits in the afternoon. We will be giving out camp t-shirts tomorrow and will take our entire camp photo tomorrow after breakfast.

Please keep in mind that the day campers involved with afternoon outdoor pursuits should have the clothing, etc. that they may need for the afternoons. It’s best to have a bathing suit, rain jacket, water bottle, change of clothes, and some closed toed shoes in their daypacks or their cubby hole. For example if a camper will be involved with the horses they can’t wear slippers or sandals, as they could be quite injured if a horse stepped on their foot.

We have a busy weekend planned. On Friday at 6 PM, we’ll take the entire camp to Chris Park, just below Haviland Lake, to camp for Friday and Saturday nights. On Saturday, we’ll leave Haviland at @ 9:15 AM and drive to Vallecito for a boating day. We’ll rent a few pontoon boats and have some speed boats available for tubing. All of the day campers are invited to spend one or both nights with us at Haviland, or to go boating with us on Saturday. As always, the day campers need to be supervised by a parent or other designated adult. I’ll have Stephanie put up an interest list on the bulletin board, so let us know if you are coming.

I’ll be leaving for Hawaii tomorrow morning to teach a 2 week scuba instructor class, and will be back on July 18. It’s best to check in with MJ or Peter if you have any specific questions.

All goes well at camp!

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