Monday, July 23, 2012

Favorites about DMC by Andrew Costigan's Students

Three of Andrew's tutoring students produced the following paragraphs Friday morning. Each paragraph is a reflection on one particular aspect of camp which excites and/or interests them. Enjoy reading!

The drumming in art is really fun. First, you get to use your body. It really feels good to stretch out and play what you want to. Second, the teacher is very creative. He can make up a fantastic drum rhythm. Also, he lets the campers make up their own beats. Third, it is helpful being by the river. The river is helpful because it clears your mind and lets you think. All in all, drumming is really exciting, and I can’t wait to do it today.
-Chris A.

Lunch is a good time at DMC. There is a lot of good food. I like the BLTs because they are made of bacon and toast. During lunch there are announcements. People get buddy beads, and Pete tells the campers where they need to go during outdoor activities. After lunch, if you are an overnight camper, you can go and rest. If you are a day camper, you have to read. Overall, I like to go to the lunchroom.
-Will L.

Today after lunch I am going SCUBA diving with the other SCUBA divers. The people getting their first level of certification are going down to 30 feet. The people getting their open water certification are going down to 60 feet. While everyone is diving, they will have to take off their mask, breathe without the mask with the only the regulator for thirty seconds, and put the mask back on. Finally, each diver will have to swim thirty feet up to the surface on only one breath. Overall, today’s adventure SCUBA diving will be fun but cold.
-Connor R.

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