Thursday, July 23, 2009

Academic Olympics-Round 2

By Mia Steffen and Emma Zellner:

Let's start off by saying that the girls (A.K.A the mathleats) blew everyone away! We were stylin' with our nerdy uniforms! They consisted of high pigtails on the top of our heads, high waters, and Mia with her one piece over skinny jeans with boxers on top. Mind you, this was not your average one piece. It was a classic thrift store bright yellow, with obnoxious ruffles in a v-neck form, one piece. That was not even half of it. We still had our oldest girl, Emily, wearing another original thrift store wonder. It was a long green dress with a farm scene embroidered all around it. Then there was Maddy with yet another thrift store classic: a brown 80's beach cover up. Next were Emma, Elisse, and Sasha wearing the famous sweat pants with string over their heads and shirts tucked in.

We were lookin' pretty good, but not half as good as our triumphant counselors Helga (A.K.A Anna) and Mathilda (A.K.A. Rachael). They sported their uni brows, big black beauty marks, and red lipstick smudged all over their lips. We definitely should say how beautiful they were! It looked like the work of a five year old. We arrived, of course, fashionably late. Throughout the game, it was a close run between us and the older boys, but in the end we came through beating them by a long shot. We screamed with victory as our big bowl of ice cream was brought to us. All in all, we had a good time and made even more memories with each other!