Friday, July 24, 2009

What's inside the mysterious safe? From the writing class...

By Josie Carr:
In writing class, we are working on a story that deals with a safe, which nobody knows the code of. Our writing class wants to know what’s in the safe. So our writing teacher, Mrs. Ann, had us write a story about it and the guy that owns the building and the safe is going to come talk to us about the safe and how old it is. THE END

By Logan Tschinkel:
In writing, we are asking questions about the safe: like how old is it, where did it come from, who’s was it, and what’s inside. Some ideas would be that it would fall off a train when it was delivering the safe to a certain place. I am wondering who found the safe and what’s inside. I think Dan will tell us where it came from and who found it and if Mr. Pinkerton was involved with the safe and if he ever opened it and what made the safe famous.

By Colton Nosker:
Today in writing we are talking about the safe. The safe is near where Ann is writing with all of us kids. I think there is the head of the headless horseman in the safe, at least that’s what Dan tells me. Durango Rockey Mountain Camp is very cool. The campers that have to leave after lunch are missing out on all the fun, kind of. If you are a day camper then sometimes you get to go to wild Colorado if you got picked for that. In wild Colorado you get to do a lot of cool things like kayaking, tubing, and lots lots more. There is also some other stuff. There is rock climbing, mountain biking, horseback riding, kayaking, scuba, and wild Colorado I and II. Come check it out today!

By Madalen Meier:
This camp is really fun because we can learn how to read and get to meet different kids from all over the world. We can do lots of fun stuff like mountain biking, wild Colorado, and horseback riding. There are some half dayers and some overnighters and some all dayers. We’re going to have a boat race today. We also get to do writing and art. Our nickname for the camp is DMC. That stands for Durango Mountain Camp. In writing we are writing blogs and writing stories and learning how to do paragraphs. In art we have different art teachers every week. The first art teacher, Susan, made mobiles with us. The next week we had someone named Malcolm and we did clay with him. This week we are making cardboard boats for the boat race. I don’t know what we’re doing the last week.