Monday, July 27, 2009

Check out camper blogs!

By Connor Bilgrave:
The day I went down Smelter I had so much fun. Tow of my friends flipped, and Smelter was a class three rapid. We practiced for four days. The kayaking group had one and a half weeks before they went down Smelter, and they were much older than us. When my dad comes, I want to do Smelter with him.

By Ashley Payne:
This summer was funner than any other summer I've had in my life. The boats that we raced were only cardbord and duct tape, also with spray paint. This summer I think is the most perfect summer , and I could cdefinitely ome back next year.

By Sasha Rothman:
This summer has been swell. I learned terminology for concepts that I am already using in reading and spelling. I worked on word relationships such as analogies, and I worked to improve sentence construction. Since the camp requires cursive, my tutor suggested I revisit my horrible fifth grade cursive, which my tutor actually said was gorgeous. All in all, I think this is the best camp that I have ever been to.