Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Most Wonderful Holiday Weekend

We here know you amazing parents out there eagerly await news on the goings on here at DMC, and we really want to share it with you. However, amid the soccer games, tutoring sessions, out door pursuits, and delicious meals, we can be a little slow to post up.

With this in mind, we appreciate your patience with us.

Our Fourth of July weekend was fabulous! It began with a drive north on the amazingly beautiful Million Dollar Highway. The view is terrific, if not terrifying, from the sharp mountain road. We stopped for lunch in the majestic mountains just a few miles outside of Silverton, then continued on to Ouray.

Nestled in the mountains Ouray seems to have escaped the grasp of time. The old mining town is served up as a big slice of Americana. There we enjoyed the hot springs, skate parks, and a few hours out on the town.

Back into the vans we loaded, and took off for Silverton for a breathtaking fireworks display. It is something special to share a blanket with friends and watch the dazzleing pyrotechtic display and the booming reports echo down the mountain walls into oblivian.

After the show the loaded our precious cargo of sleepy eyed campers back into the van and returned to our camp.

A good time was had by all.

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