Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fun Times and Photos to Prove It!

Can you believe a week has almost passed? Yet as long as a week is, we've done a lot more than you'd expect in the six days we've been at camp. Between academics, outdoor pursuits, evening activities, making new friends, and exploring Durango we've been super busy.

Now, we here at DMC love our parents almost as much as we love our campers, and we know you want pictures. The good news is we've posted some, the bad news is that we haven't posted many. As much as we want to show you the awesome time we're all having it's hard to take a camera down the river in a kayak with you, or off a cliff face while rock climbing.

With this in mind, we'll be posting up as often as possible, and try to get pictures of all our campers. For now head on down to the photos link at the bottom of the page and see what we're been up to.

And if you don't see any photos of you camper please don't fret, we're working on it and should have some up shortly.

See ya soon.