Thursday, July 9, 2009

DMC Update

Hi Parents and Friends of DMC,

I hope you are all well and have some good emails, letters, or calls fromyour youngster. The days are very full and I've been wanting to send you an update for thelast several days but DMC logistics and activities always seem to comefirst. We've had a perfect week of weather with sunny days, cool nights, and norain. This helps with our outdoor pursuits as we are able to run all thescheduled activities. This week the campers are involved with scuba,horses, climbing, mountain biking, and Wild Colorado 2. The evenings have been particularly energetic this year as the majority ofcampers are loving playing soccer, ultimate Frisbee, and dodge ball on thefield by the river. Tonight is "Mountain Madness" where the staff getscreative - We'll be doing a relay in groups of 5 - with a balloon launch,egg toss, race around the court with a pedal and bouncy apparatus, andballoon shoot with the BB guns. Last weekend was packed with a full day driving across the mountains toenjoy the hot springs and town of Ouray. On the way back we watched anincredible fireworks display in Silverton. Sunday was a more relaxed pacewith Joyce talking to the youngsters about being dyslexic in today's world.In the afternoon the cabin groups split off to pursue local activities thatwere of interest. Tomorrow we pack up the entire camp for a weekend of camping at the northend of Lemon Lake. The highlight will be boating and tubing at VallecitoLake on Saturday. The blog site is getting more active with photos and comments. Check it - to view pictures, scroll to the bottomof the page and click the photos link. Camp is humming!

Zane BilgravDurango Mountain Camp
office 970-385-4449
cell 970-749-5640 (cell)