Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Better Narrative Writing Blurps from Campers!

By Sasha Rothman:
On June 26th, my parents drove me to Durango Mountain Camp. We arrived at 12:30 P.M. and strolled into the check-in counter. I signed myself in, and we hopped back into the car. I jumped out of the car, and my parents unpacked my suitcase. After, I ran back down to the check-in office. I panted and watched to see more student/campers check in. Finally, I hugged my parents goodbye, and they slowly walked back to the car and rode onto the highway. I knew that I would see them after five weeks passed.

By Jaeger Hodge:
I sprung out of my bed when my mom woke me up at four in the morning. She explained to me that I had to go to camp. As my mom and I walked slowly to the car I saw a tree wiggle. I looked up and there was a raccoon to my surprise. It glared down on us. As my mom drove, I slept in the car waiting to get out at LAX. When we got there, we checked my bags in and I got on my plane and left to go to Denver. When I got there I watched a movie in the unaccompanied minor room. When the lady yelled Jaeger, Jaeger Hodge, I stood up and stretched. I walked with another lady and she took me to my plane coming here. When I got to Durango, I met Tracy at the airport. She is a new tutor this year. Exhausted, I checked in and then found my cabin and then slept. When I got up I had to listen to the most boring speech. That took about two hours. When I got back to my cabin I met my cabin mates and then slept again.

By Tristan Kunz:
The first academic day at camp was a very long and confusing day. I was full of suspense and I had no idea where to go. Thankfully all the staff and kids were vary helpful and made me feel welcome. First, in the morning, we were all woken up by the sound of Tom's booming voice. Secondly, we were all sleepy and excited at the same time. And lastly, although the classes were great, it was still hard to concentrate. Despite the minor problems, the day went well and I was ready to take on the next five weeks of camp.

By Sammi Batal:
The first activity I did was kayaking. We all learned how to wet exit. It was scary watching other people doing it, but once I did it, it wasn’t that frightening. It was really fun. When the time was up I realized that it was fun, and I also realized that I was soaking wet. Before I knew it the day was over.

By Elisse Rasmussen:
I sat picking at the food that lay on the table in front of me. Still poking my lunch, as I waited to hear Pete’s announcement about kayaking. I walked up to the cabin, in a daze, to prepare for the afternoon. Running down the road, we were off like a herd of turtles. Although the van ride was a tad long, it was still fun. When we arrived, the instructors handed us some wetsuits. Putting on the gross smelling suit, I was ready to hit the river.

By Alex Lee:
Even before I arrived at camp, I had been thinking about the outdoor pursuits. My first pick was Wild Colorado. The first day of Wild Colorado, we made shelters out of dead trees, other wood, and pine needles we found on the ground. Our leaders Pete, Tom, and Brent said that they would judge the shelters after the two teams finished. We quickly found our location and began building. Our shelter was made to fit three people. The other group's shelter could only fit one. Standing back, I think ours was better, but the leaders said it was a tie. As I wait for tomorrow, I had fun!

By Ben Palmer:
On the first day of Outdoor Pursuits, I was filled with excitement to rock climb. My friends Tristan and Spain were with me, so I knew I would have fun. We went to X-rock to meet Bill, the guide. Since I remembered him from last year, I knew he was mellow. When we got there, we unloaded the gear. I said, "Sup Bill". Then he was all like, "Sup".