Thursday, July 23, 2009

Camper thoughts on camp...

By Colton Nosker:
This camp is cool. You get to do a lot of stuff. It is not like regular school where you have to mostly stay in one class. Here you move from class to class. At the very end of the day, you get to go have fun in the wild!

By Alex Lee:
During camp, I learned how to do my whole lowercase alphabet in cursive. I have been working on suffixes, spelling, and sounds. I have read a good amount of books, and I've liked them

By Nick Monnheimer:
I really enjoy kayaking. I also have fun during our other afternoon activities and evening sports. I have really liked the fun things at camp, but I want to go home and sleep for a week!

By David Blake-Cownie:
DMC is a learning camp for dyslexic kids; academics is one of the top things they focus on. Tutoring is where a camper focuses on handwriting, spelling, reading, etc. Art class changes every week; it is exciting and fun! Academic Olympics is like a game show, and it challenges campers' knowledge. DMC is the place to go if your dyslexic.

By Malcolm Kelly:

My favorite part of camp is tutoring because Eran makes everything become like a game. I also enjoy doing art. It is fun to make stuff.

By Jo Boon:

My favorite part of camp is the outdoor activities, of course. I also like the art class. They are both fun and relate to what I like to do. Overall, the outdoor activities are the best.