Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Camp by Adam Hawkings (Camper)

            My experiences here at Durango Mountain Camp were very helpful. Also, my reading and comprehension has increased two grades levels. My tutor was amazing, she would help me improve and master my cursive writing. She expanded my vocabulary with Latin and Greek prefixes including pre, per, pro, in, and many more. Also, she expanded my spelling Techniques. For example, if I were to spell the word computer, I would count it out in syllabus and then write one less dash. Com/put/er, see three syllables and two dashes one less.

            Writing was very loose. He explained how it was important to able to write. Everyday we would go down to the river, and write what was on our mind. Then we would start on our independent project. After we finished we would either improve our witting, or write a blog for the website.

            It is not hard to make a friend here. Everyone likes everyone and everyone helps everyone. The outdoor pursuits are very intense. There is kayaking, mountain biking, wild Colorado, horses, scuba, and climbing. For kayaking, you can be in either be in rubber boats or a hard shell kayak. For mountain biking, you bike on trails all around Durango depending on your skill. Also for Wild Colorado, you do a lot, including caving, canoeing, making fires, and shelters. Horses you feed and groom them, and take the on trail rides. Scuba we sat in class learning how to dive and equalize. Next we got in the pool practiced skills and our last day we went to a lake to get our certification. Last but not least is climbing. In climbing we learn to tie our knots for our harness. Then we learned how to climb and how to belay or get down.

            On the weekends we would do something fun with our counselors or do something as a camp. We would ether go tubing, climb a fourteen, or hang with our counselors and cabin.

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