Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The hike by Josie Osberg (Camper)

The hike yesterday was a very hard hike. I can not believe that I actually made it all the way to the top! I was walking very slowly for most of the walk, but slow and steady wins the race (even though it wasn’t a race) At the top we finally got to eat our lunch, but it was just a sandwich and it was not enough food because we were all starving coming back down the mountain. The going up was scary and very hard but the coming down was super scary. We were walking down the side of the mountain with little loose rocks so we were all slipping and sliding down the mountain. This made it very difficult to get down the mountain. Finally when we got off the scary part of the mountain it was just an easy walk down an easier path. When we got back to the car, everyone was laying on the rocks while we waited for the last two girls to come down. After they got down the last little part we got to eat brownies! They were a perfect treat for everyone at the end of the long day of hiking. We made sure that everyone and everything was in the cars and we started are long trip back to camp. The car ride was very fun, I mean that we got to have our iPods for just the car rides so most of us fell asleep listening to them. When we got back to camp dinner was just starting so it was perfect timing because everyone who went on the hike was very tired and supper hungry. This was a weekend that I will not soon forget!

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