Monday, July 11, 2011

DMC by Eran Maor (tutor)

Camp is into its second week and everyone seems to be getting into their groove.  Even though this is my 3rd summer with DMC, its still amazes how much time and effort it takes to plan individualized lessons for all of my tutees.  Nonetheless, I did find enough time to go rafting in the upper Animas River last weekend.  Filled with class IV and several class V rapids, the upper Animas is widely considered to be the most challenging commercially available rafting trip in the lower 48 states. 

My tutees all seem to be adjusting well to camp life and taking advantage of the truly unique opportunities that DMC offers its campers.  In between tutoring sessions and outdoor pursuits, I managed to get the following quotes from my tutees about camp life:

Connor Rabbitt:
“Its been really fun with all the activities, especially scuba.  I like to see people that I saw last year at camp. I love art because I get to use my creativity.  The academics have been challenging, but I am learning.”

Alex Sierant:
“The first week of academics was challenging, but I now got the hang of it.  I really like my cabin and the guys in it.  My best time so far at camp has to be the trip to Ouray and the fireworks at Silverton.”

Spencer Woodard:
“Camp has been a lot of fun.  The food is good and there is always something to do.  I like my new friends and my counselor Paul is teaching me to break dance. The academics are not boring and I am learning something new every day.”

Max McGould:
“DMC is an active place where you can learn new things and make friends.  Getting drenched going down Smelter Rapid has been a blast.  Tutoring has been helpful and fun.  I am looking forward to enjoying the rest of camp.”

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