Friday, July 8, 2011

DMC by Max McGould (Day Camper)

DMC is a camp where they help dyslexic kids. There are three types of campers half day campers who only stay for academics. Day campers stay till five o’clock but do outdoor pursuits. Overnight campers stay for the month and sleep in cabins they also get dinner and breakfast.  In the morning the camper will have tutoring, study hall, art, and writing. Tottering is one on one with the camper and the tutor will help the camper with problems. Study hall is the time where the camper does work. The study hall is supervised with adults that can help the camper with a questing. After study hall is a twenty minutes of snack and hang out time with friends. Art is a creative period where you can make cardboard boats and paper mache. After art the camper has writing. Writing is a thinking period. At 12:20 the camper has lunch. The camp has a wide variety of food so everyday the camp makes a new lunch. After lunch day campers read for forty minutes 20 silently and 20 orally. And for the overnight camper you either rest or have math. From two to five you have outdoor pursuits. In outdoor pursuits you can do rock climbing, horses, wild Colorado which is a mix of everything, biking, and kayaking. Overnight campers have free time and dinner then they read for and hour and then go to bed. 

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