Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Simple, Compound, and Complex Sentence Writing by Mac Kelsall (Camper) and Jenna Wright (Tutor)

Simple sentences story

Rabbit was very tired. Rabbit wanted some food. Rabbit’s mom said no more sweets. Rabbit was feeling lonely without his sweets. His mom came in and tucked him in for the night. Rabbit couldn’t sleep after all that sugar. Rabbit stayed up all night playing computer games. Rabbit shed all over the computer. The next day he slept all day.

Compound sentence story + one complex sentence

It was Halloween, and Kit and Pup wanted to celebrate. They spent the whole night trick-or-treating, and they wanted to take a break. Pup hand an idea, but he knew it would involve dad’s dangerous off limits tools. Dad said no, but later that night they went and got a chainsaw. Pup and Kit went to the store, and they bought two pumpkins. Kit said, “I bet I can carve a better pumpkin than you,” but pup said, “No way it’s on.” Kit got out the serious goggles, and he began the carving competition. After 3 long gruesome hours of carving, Dad came down and announced Kit the winner and was proud of him for using the chainsaw properly.

Complex sentences story

Before this photo, they used to have a kid. Even though Billy Bob and Peggy knew it was dangerous, they insisted on having their favorite weapon in their family photos. One day while they were taking their Christmas card, their son was being intolerable so they replaced him with a bird. As the shoot began, Billy Bob realized his fly was down and bent over to zip it up. Since that day, in their house hold it has been quite peaceful. As Billy Bob bent down to zip his fly, he accidentally dropped his harpoon gun and shot their only son in the abdomen. Although Peggy wanted their son to live, she wanted to put him out of his misery more so she took her nail gun and decided to kill, then hang him up on the wall. After the accident at the family photo, Billy Bob and Peggy are now facing criminal charges and may spend up to 50 years in jail.

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