Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Camp by Natalie Morgan (Camper)

This summer, I had the privilege to go to Durango Mountain Camp. It has been an experience of a life time. At first I was scared about coming, and then I realized this was going to help me in my future plans. At this camp, you do not just do busy work, you also do outdoor activities that are very fun. For the activities, you have kayaking, rock climbing, horses, wild Colorado, and scuba. I only did wild Colorado and kayaking. Kayaking was so much fun because you got to go through many rapids. It was like a roller coaster in the water. When I first started, I was not that great at it, then I got the hang of it. Wild Colorado was fun also. You got to pretend like you were stuck out in the wilderness, make shelters, and cook crazy food over a fire.

The main part of the camp is helping with my dyslexia and to get me on track. I know I have done a lot of busy work. I tried to work extra hard so I could achieve everything I needed to before I left this camp. I know this camp was best for my abilities. I want to make sure when I get home, I will be on top of everything work wise.

At this camp, I have become really close to everyone; they are like my family. I have a best friend here; Josie she has made everything better for me and has kept me motivated about everything. Josie was here last year so she knew everything that was going on so she could tell me what was happening next.

I have had so many experiences at this camp. I have done some stuff here that I have never done before. This camp has been a life change for me. I know I have learned so much here, and I have done so many active things. This has been a very fun summer for me and it has given me something to do everyday.

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