Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wild Colorado by Natalie Morgan (Camper)

Last Friday, we went to X-Rock to go rock climbing. The whole group was very excited
about climbing to the top. At first, I was not interested in climbing at
all.  I've always had a scare of heights.  Knowing climbing to the top of a
rock gave me a fright.
Ian, our instructor, really wanted me to try this rock out.  He said it was
a very easy rock and nothing to be scared about. I was very nervous at first
then I realized I will never do this again, so I should just go for it.
I started the climb.  It was very difficult because I could not find any
places to hold on to.  I eventually made it to the top.  When I got up there
it felt really good.  You could see the road and all the pretty nature from
the top. I felt really confident about myself and wanted to climb it again.

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