Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Durango Mountain Camp by Paul Dusing (Counselor)

It has almost been two weeks of camp already and the kids are getting more settled now and friendly towards one another. The older boys cabin has become more acquainted with everyone and has enjoyed games of risk and chess during their free time. I've had the privilege of being part of the leadership for the program Wild Colorado. In the program kids build shelters to survive in the wilderness, cook over camp fires, and explore caves and the vast expanse of the forest here in Durango. Brian sadly got a flu bug close to the time he ate a steak from the campfire, so I don't think he will be eating steak any time soon. The good news is in scuba he managed to equalize. He was excited to tell me that. On a side note, Brian asked me if he could get his ears pierced. I said, "Sure, if you beat me at a game of chess." So far I've won 8 - 0. He told me he has given up on getting his ears pierced and he does not like chess now. The food here has been great as well. Today we had french toast, melon, and sausages. I'm not a big fan of sausages, but I did have three slices of french toast. Lunch has consisted of a variety of food, from sandwiches to tacos. Dinner has been great too with foods like spaghetti, chicken, rice, beans, soup, and much more. I enjoy eating Mexican foods, so rice, beans and tacos stick out in my memory the most. When Zane took the counselors out to dinner I just had to get a torta for myself. On a random note, the mornings have been great here at DMC too. I've managed to read a lot during the mornings. It is so quiet and peaceful as the sun rises over the hills and the clouds shade the trees. There is so much green here in Durango Colorado compared to southern California. Durango is almost like another world. I am looking forward to rock climbing today in Wild Colorado. It'll be another fun day with the kids.

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