Thursday, July 16, 2015

Andrew's Thoughts about Camp

Over the last three weeks of camp I have had so much fun, and it has definitely been worth three weeks of my time. I have done some activities that I would not have been able to do at home.  I have had the most fun doing sling shot paintball.  We ran around MJ's yard shooting paint balls at each other with slingshots. The other thing that falls very close behind slingshot paint ball is cliff jumping.  We first jumped Adrenaline, a waterfall with two cliffs on either side.  The second place we jumped was Baker's Bridge.  We didn't actually jump from the bridge because it is illegal, but there is 20 foot cliff right below the bridge that we jumped off into the freezing cold Animas River.  The third thing that we did that was really fun is river running.  We rafted down the lower Animas River through a huge rapid called Smelter.  The guide bribed us with Otter Pops to paddle through Smelter even when we were already soaked. Somedays we went on the upper Aminas where it was a lot calmer and slower and go stand up paddle boarding.  We did this with Mild to Wild Rafting and Jeep Touring.  The people who guided us down the river were really nice and kind.

     Cabins: One of the things that makes camp really fun is meeting new people.  By the end of camp I expect to know everyone's name.  All the counselors are awesome and really fun to hang out with.  There are four different cabins holding up to eight or nine people.  There is the youngest boys cabin with Zane and Greg as their counselors.  Zane guides Wild Colorado Outdoor Pursuit and Greg is a huge climber so he guides Climbing Outdoor Pursuit.  In the middle boys cabin, which is my cabin, there is Kurt and Spencer.  Spencer went to this camp two years ago and he is only 19 years old now.  Kurt, aka Truk (name spelled backwards), teaches Wild Colorado along with Spencer.  Then there is the oldest boys cabin with Justin, Kurt and Greg's friend who teaches climbing with Greg.  The other oldest boys counselor is named Daniel.  He is from Texas.  He goes to the Horse Riding Program.  Those are all the boys cabin, but their is still the girls cabin with 8 or 9 campers.  Cassidy and Molly are their counselors.  Cassidy teaches river running the first week and Molly teaches river running the second week.

     Tutoring and Academics.: Because most dyslexic kids don't get to go to a school for dyslexia, they have a really hard time learning at their school, but when they come to DMC the main goal is to focus on dyslexia.  It makes learning fun and so much easier.  They make it so much fun to learn and read and the context makes so much more sense.  For example, learning why different vowels say different sounds and learning Latin words and how they work and how the English language was formed.  They will help you with whatever you need help with.  They help you get ready to go to the next grade or to the next school for instance from elementary to middle school and from middle school to high school. Right now I am being helped with my typing and handwriting and spelling and reading.  They even have a daily class that focuses on writing.  In all, DMC is really fun, that makes learning really fun and also incorporates it with tons of outdoor activities.

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