Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Final Installment of the Yeti Chronicles by Paige

The Final Blog:

Well, hello all you Yeti lovers and Yeti stalkers. Yedboto and I went hiking the fourteener for Extreme Weekend. He carried me up half-way, and we made it up one fourteener. He decided to come back down to the camp with me because I was not feeling well. I had some altitude sickness, I puked twice the night before and still went up the mountain the next day! Yedboto spent the night outside looking at the starts, then he snuck into my tent because it was cold outside and all the other tents were full. After the hike, we went to the gas station and bought candy. I bought three things of chocolate, two are gone and I’m almost done eating the last one. The Yeti and I don’t do as much now, since it’s almost the end of camp, and I have to leave soon. We did hula-hoop with a really cool hula-hoop. It’s a weighted hula-hoop that is used for exercising.

That’s pretty much it. Yedboto and I are signing off. kbye.

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