Thursday, July 2, 2015

Brittany (Tutor) Checking In...

This first week of camp has been great! A whole lot of crazy chaos, but that is to be expected. I’m so excited about the four kids I am tutoring and cannot wait to see the awesome progress they will make this summer. 

Paige wanted to let you all know about the Yeti here in Durango so she wrote an informational paragraph explaining who he is and her very special relationship with him.

The camp has a Yeti, named Yedboto. He enjoys terrorizing people on the train. He steals campers from DMC to throw around and show people on the train how bad he is. I am friends with him because I make cookies for him every day. Now we are friends and he doesn’t throw me at the train. I had tea with him yesterday, but we had no sugar so it was kind of bummy. He makes his tea like my dad, no sugar, so it’s really bad. Yedboto’s favorite food is camper burgers with catchup and extra pickles, he hates mustard and mayo. He is a very fast runner and quite flexible, this helps him hop on trains quite quickly. The most important thing to know about the Yeti is that he doesn’t like strangers. He says “stranger danger” in Yeti language whenever a stranger comes near. If you get near him, he will get scared and throw you onto a train. You will probably die.

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