Monday, July 27, 2015

Another YETI Tale by Paige

Yedboto, the yeti, and I went rock climbing last weekend for the mini-extreme weekend. It was pretty cool! We had five kids, five counselors, and a yeti. We were assigning partners in the van before we went out to climb; Justin was paired with Andrew, Ben with Dana, Greg and John, and Sydney was paired with Hope. Zane had run into the house to grab his snorkel and wetsuit, so he and I were paired together (with Yedboto, of course). Clearly, I was supposed to babysit Zane, because we all know Zane…
First, we went to Adrenaline and I jumped from the tallest rock that we were allowed to jump off of. Most people jumped off of it a couple of times. Hope also jumped off it. It took her a bit of time so we don’t have a picture of it, but it was really cool. Josh busted his toe really bad, so now his new nickname is Toby, but he was a great sport all day.
Next, we went to Cascade but it started hailing so we hid under the rock for a few minutes while Justin was still on the wall. After a few minutes he had to take down the route and when the rain finally slowed down we went back to the van. We left because it’s hard to climb on wet rocks and not safe to use a wet rope. Zane and Toby were sitting in the car playing a license plate game and laughing at us all in the rain. Then we totally did not go to a hot tub and hang out there before going to Bakers. We jumped Bakers and then came back to camp. Yedboto had fun the whole day. He jumped Bakers and Adrenaline, but he wasn’t allowed in the hot tub (that we totally did not go to) due to shedding.
Overall, it was a good weekend. The rest of this week has been a little vague. I don’t remember much of what has happened but tutoring has been the greatest thing I have ever done in my whole life. Brittany is the greatest teacher and I wish I could be as cool as her. (Editing by Brittany)
Next weekend, Yedboto and I are going to camp out and hike a fourteener for extreme weekend! 

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