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Check out this first installment of the DMC REVIEW... Poetry by Campers

Salt Lake City by Carlos

The salt on every table and counter say that we are in Salt Lake City and the people rushing downtown like rats in the sewer of traffic and late on time say that it's a very busy and crowded city.
In a small little corner of the city, a little green house says "hello" with his purple door. On a street with college and young kids, the house is lonely, yet that street doesn't seem so bad.
On top of the city is Utah's University with places to go and places to be and places to work and places to build.

My Room by Margaret

When you walk in you are shocked by he brightness of the walls, which say she is a colorful person.
The pictures say what her hobby is, as her feet dance through the room.
Then there is the loft bed, which shows that she can be messy…although she can be clean…says the room!

Rock Concert by Will

The people strung out screaming and shouting until their vocal chords break and their lungs pop like balloons say that Ozzy is loved.
The smell of food and beer come from behind in the hundreds of stands as well as a faint smell of weed in the bathrooms say that everyone is having the time of their life.
The noisy crowd gets louder as the band walks onstage saying that they have been waiting for Ozzy with grand anticipation.
Abstract outfits on the band members’ screen say that they don’t care what they look like.
Bass and electric guitars start first and a soft drum plays off in the background holding the song together as the speakers blast the tune they play—this says that it is free to be heard by all.

A poem by Paige

The mess on the floor says there are a lot of people; the makeup strewn about says girls live here.
The mousetraps on the ground say mice live there, too. The mice bodies behind the building say, they frequent the place.
The hammock out front says that they’ve been there for a while. The water bottles and shorts say it’s hot, but the coats and long warm pants say it’s cold.
The big box of candy says they like sugar. The locked box of electronics say they don’t get them often.
The empty trash cans that lay all over the place say the ceiling leaks.
The books that lay around say some like to read. The pencils say some like to draw or write.
The cabin says it’s old and tired.

Abandoned House by Mike A.

The man that lived here was a master carpenter, said the woodshop and furniture.
Hundreds of liquor bottles strewn across the yards say he was an alcoholic.
There was a woman, say the smashed picture frames, but something went wrong.
Crack vials everywhere say he had a drug problem. 
The stripped cars say he stole them, but he’s gone. 
Something went wrong…

Things by Teddy

She loves to draw say the pens and pencils littering the floor. She has a brother says the room filled with ski posters.
She loves her room says the clutter with the unmade bed and she remembers the kiss says the tin on her dresser.
They love each other say the pictures on the wall.
They have pets say the fur stuck on the carpet. 
They are active say the running shoes and the bikes, but where are they now, groans the house?
They have not been here for awhile whistles the crack in the window. 
Where did they go? Where did they go? Where did they go? Where did they all go?

Home by Payton

The pool says that we love to swim.
The hair on the floor says they have pets.
The toys on the floor say they have kids.
The neat, clean room says the sister is clean.
The fabric and thread say she likes to sew.
The fruit in the kitchen says they eat organic.
All these things say that this family enjoys their time together.

The Empty Place by John

The place was empty, said the sad house.
The xbox and video games were never turned off.
Panes never shut, said the windows.
The logs that made the house were rotting out, they were too weak to talk.
The charred oven said I was never turned off.
The lasagna on the counter was moldy and never eaten.
The car says the people left quickly and never looked back.

They Say by Adaley   

The winter is bringing a cold chill says the coat rack overflowing with coats.
The papers scattered across the table say the family is hard at work.
The cluttered room says the defiant children don’t won’t to clean there room. 
The pile of cluttered, tiny shoes say the family is active.
The basement scattered with computers say the father is hard at work. 
The cars constantly driving past the white house says that we are not the last house on the block. 
The patio with its ant-dusted table says the family likes to have dinner outside. 
The old piano sitting by the front door says the daughters are both musical talents.
The faded sidewalk chalk says that the children love to draw and the underwater photographs say the dad is an artist.
The wrap around porch says the family likes to see the view and the plants scattered around the porch says the mother has a green thumb. 
The empty house says it is waiting for its family to come home.

The Abandoned Mansion ~ Atlas

He was a rich man say the many well-stocked butler closets and polished wooden floors.
And a famous man, too, say the signed celebrity photos.
A man who liked parties also said the well-worn pool and deck.
But something went wrong says the blood at the edge of the pool.
Something done on purpose says the bloody knife at the back of the butler closet.
Something went wrong, they say.  

A poem by Enzo

The walls were dusty and very dirty said the huge stain on the wall.
There were very rough kids and mean kids said the tractor that was missing all its wheels.

There were many rooms said the half destroyed room in the back.
They had no neighbors said the long, lonely road.

There were crops destroyed said all the fallen crops.
They left and never came back said the whole house.

One day a machine came, said the tracks behind the machine.
The machine destroyed the house into pieces said the broken piece of wood.

Then a huge tornado came and swept the house away said the grass next to the place where 
the house used to be.

Now a new house came and was built said the same exact grass.

The new family came in well-dressed said the new house.
And these kids are very friendly said the new toys.
Now everything is ok said everything in the house.

Us by Jacob

Us guns were organized.
We hear the ammo say that they’re disorganized.
The bows say we’re right next to each other, but sometimes we’re separated because they take us out.
Us knives are just stuck in a bucket.
The gun’s closet says that I hold you all.

Poem by Natalie S. 7/13/2015

It was an old cabin says the creak on the front porch when you walk through the door, but it was full of laughter say the games and art supplies on the living room floor. It was mussy says the shampoo and makeup on the bathroom counter.
In the cabin there are many girls says the ten made beds all fluffy. There was plenty of heat says the sunbeam shining through the window.
There was drama say the slammed doors and weak hinges, however there was love says the couch with the imprint of where everybody laid.
They lived in the mountains said the cool evenings, but the hot days. They have lots of mice said the mouse traps that lay all over the cabin. They love candy said the massive box of candy laying in the counselor’s room.

No One Lives Here by Andrew

The walls were dirty said the coffee stain on the wall.
The floors were coming apart said the rusty nail in the floor.
The light said in a muffled voice I’m drowning in a heap of dust as the sun blinded it.
No one lives here said the bed frame waiting to be used, but the moldy old food disagreed with the bed as the mice munched away.
The house said no one lives here as dust fell from the ceiling.

A Poem by Sebastian

The gray feathers all over say a bird lives there and means that they’re not the cleanest campers around the camp.
The sawdust on the porch says that someone likes to create cool figures with wood material.
The walls covered in rockstar posters say that the cabin belongs to rockstars. The sound of the music is so loud and says there’s cool and crazy kids there.
The bunk is forced to pick up put stuff away.

The Lonely House by Rosie

There once was a lonely house that sat on a hill just waiting for someone to come, the green grass blowing around the house just waiting, waiting.
I wish someone would lay on me and dream sweet dreams, says the neat tidy bed in the empty corner.
In the kitchen there lay pots and pans, plates and bowls, shiny spot-clean silverware and knives, says the broken-down old coffee machine on the tiled counter. Maybe a cook lives here?
There is a lovely garden with tomato plants and roses, says the rusty rooster on top of the red wooden house.
They all say, I hope someone comes soon!

Cabin at Camp ~ by Jack  

He likes to hang out and loves to chill says the Grand trunk hammock and he loves to be warm and cozy says the North Face sleeping bag and the two blankets. 
He loves to ride bikes says the scratched bike helmet and outside, the well-used bike says he rides every day.
He has big feet says the size 10.5 new DC shoes and the clothes in the dresser say that he put them away but not neatly.
He loves to play baseball says the very used Yankee cap, but the lack of equipment says he is taking a break.
In his small community he is known as Jack.

A Poem by Josh

The lack of people says that this is a secret place.
The wet spots on the rock says that they had fun in the water.

The crumbs on the floor say they were here all day.
The fresh turd on the ground says that the whole family was here, including the dog.

The forgotten towel says that they were having too much fun to remember to grab it.
The dragging footsteps say that they were tired.

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