Thursday, July 9, 2015

Thoughts about DMC Dining from Steven

The food at DMC is some of the best I have ever had. It is delightful to have this food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For breakfast they serve some sort of carbs (like pancakes) some sort of nutrients (like eggs) and some sort of fruit or veggie. Then you head in to a long day of academics and after all that you come back for an amazing lunch. That can from anything to tomato soup to a spectacular BLT. After lunch you get to go so many different places for outdoor pursuits which can make you very hungry. This is perfect timing for when you get back to dive into a ravishing dinner, which could possibly be a scrumptious pulled pork or a intriguing pesto pasta. But don't leave out dessert which may have some cake if it is a birthday or some pudding or even a brownie. After such a full day you get to have a long sleep and wake up to eat through the next day.

- Steven 

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