Sunday, July 12, 2015

Week Two Update

Hello All,

Week two is winding down at DMC. Counselors are reviewing the events of last week and discussing logistics for the next, tutors are prepping or resting for tomorrow morning, and campers are relaxing and watching some movies. 

During the second week of camp academics really get going. This summer is no different, and we have settled into the morning routine of tutoring, writing, study hall, and art. Day campers are reading after lunch and nightly reading, for those living at DMC, is happening every evening after dessert.  Tutors are prepping and delivering OG lessons. Study hall proctors are assisting the reinforcement of those lessons. Writing teachers are working hard and helping campers produce sentences, paragraphs, essays, and creative works. Art was full of drawing, decorating the basketball court, and making t shirts. 

Outdoor pursuits have been a blast as well. This past week most campers switched their afternoon activities. Some campers are trying their hand for the first time with horses, mountain biking, and running the river. Wild Colorado and climbing are underway too. Also, a group of campers started working on their SCUBA certification. Afternoon rain showers put a tiny damper on activities a couple of days, but quick thinking counselors kept things fun with a trip to the Rec Center or just figuring out how to avoid the clouds. 

Finally, this weekend everyone had a great time out past Dolores, CO at the McPhee Reservoir. We had a blast boating and just hanging out at the camp ground. There were some great meals, relaxation, running around, and rainbows!!!

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