Friday, July 10, 2015

Brittany's Students Checking in with a Camp Update, Bucket Lists, and a Second Volume of Yeti Tales

Blog Week Two.


I’m having a great time at this camp. This camp was epic for me, it was extreme! I have learned many cool things from Zane and a lot from Brittany. Brittany has taught me a lot of things, given me lots of homework, and helped me with my mistakes, my grammar, and my reading. She is lots of fun because I like to throw things at her like water balloons. I have been having an explosively good time with my friends, my counselors, Pete, and Brittany. This was an extreme week and I hope that I am coming back next year.


Bucket list
1.       Go skydiving
2.       Have a pet hedgehog
3.       Get SCUBA certification
4.       Go to Bermuda
5.       Go in a cage with sharks
6.       Squirrel Suit diving
7.       Spearfishing
8.       Go to Costa Rica to surf (again)
9.       Learn how to do a flip off of my surfboard
10.   Learn how to do a regular backflip
I hope to do these before I die! My real goal in life is to have a hedgehog, I really want a hedgehog.


Bucket list
1.       Go skydiving
2.       Have a pet chipmunk
3.       Have a dirt bike
4.       Have a motorcycle
5.       Have a quad


The Yeti: Volume Two

Hello human and yeti readers, since the last blog update the yeti and I have been talking. We started a book club and he is joining the camp ‘Trail of Pages’. Our first book club book is Shoe Size 42: One Yeti’s Story by Big Foot. So far, it is a good book, except for the chapter where he explains how he removed a large stick from his foot after being chased by yeti hunters. The book is hard to get a hold of due to the library’s yeti-to-yeti borrowing policy. That means only yeti’s can borrow the books and hunters cannot get ahold of them. Due to my honorary yeti status, I was able to borrow the book. The next book we read will be a human book, in order to be fair to both species.

Signing off,
Honorary Yeti

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