Monday, July 27, 2015

The 3rd and Final Edition of the DMC REVIEW

A Poem by Yana

They love to watch TV and movies says the large TV and stack of DVD’s under it.

There are dog bowls, and the dog toys say there are so many of us, and the dogs chew on us until we die

And that’s our story.

A Poem by Steven

Future Life

The creaking wood in the dense rickety forest told a story. A story of a college student trying to pick a major in photography.

A college student who loved to mountain bike with friends and sit around the crackling fire.

A college student who woke up early on summer weekends just to drink fresh-brewed coffee and watch the glistening sunrise. 

But in his eyes, the college student has just gone through another day.

To be continued…with life.

A Story by Objects by Ben

A love of reading
says the piles of books

A love of cleanliness 
says the lack of dirt on the floor

The hate of getting rid of things the over-crowded closets say

The love for the dog
Speaks the picture of him

The piles of things
shows the lack of organization 

He was tired
said the sounds coming from the figure in the bed

who finally got to go to sleep

A Poem by Alex Leal

The nicely kept sleeping bag, and the nicely kept pillows both say how he must be orderly.
The unkempt sleeping bag and pillow on the bottom of the bunkbed say how there must be two people in the room, and that he must be disorderly.
The nicely kept chest of drawers and the nicely swept floor say how they must take care in making things look neat.

The empty walls say how they must not be staying long.
The empty garbage can said how they must not have much trash. The mud-covered bike outside says how one of them must like to do mountain biking.
The lights that are turned off while they’re not there, say how they must care about saving energy and the environment.

The nicely kept rooms all say how these must be awesome people.

Sunny Day by Jeremy 

The garbage cans said the place was a wreck
The smell of rotting flesh gave the sign of a gang battle 
The blood stains on the ground was haunting the survivors 

The sirens made the hood sound like home 
The lines of empty bullet shells told the length of the battle 

The young girl watching in horror laid in in her own blood wishing she had the strength to leave 
The fire from the flamethrower filled the night 
The disembodied arms and legs showed the work of a mad man 

Then a soft voice came from the alley saying, “Turn back if you value your life.”  
The darkness makes a rush of cold and fear in your soul 

The flash of light reveals the headless standing figures 
A chilling voice makes a harsh indication that you are in the wrong place 
The pest devouring on dead bodies shows a filthiness 

The chill of night gives a ghostly feeling 
The beating heart tells someone is still there 

The flash of light warns of a gun shot 
The rush of pain shows the shooter was a pro 
You look down and you’re covered in blood 

The chilling voice from the shadows gives a warning “I’m going to killing everyone”
The shadowy figure approaches knife drawn to finish the job 

The burning of rubber sounds of rescue 
Then a soft voice says it’s too late 

The mad man approaches and puts the bowie knife to your throat and says “Justice is Death” 
It seems as if you are looking down but then you realize you’ve lost your head 

The sirens get closer and closer almost as if they are running toward you 
The scene goes black as you are headless and bleeding on the ground 

You regain consciousness after 2 months of horror and tragedy 
The man tells you it’s a miracle that you are alive 
You try and look down but all that is there is a body 
You look into the corner at your arms and legs reminding you of the horror you experienced 

Then you wake from the nightmare and realize 
That was the best dream you’ve ever had 

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