Thursday, July 16, 2015

John's Take on the Last Few Weeks at DMC

The last three weeks at DMC have been fun.  During the afternoon adventures, when I was scuba diving, I went straight down to 14 feet. Last year I was not able to go straight down, because I was not able to equalize.  I like the feeling of joy that not many people have been down there.  Climbing has been fun. Yesterday we went to Baker's Bridge and I climbed up the rock face that is under the bridge.  This was fun because it was a new place to climb. Tutoring can be fun too.  My tutor brings her doggy on Fridays and will bring her turtle on the last day of camp.  She adds a lot of movement to my lessons and I think that helps me.  I have two more weeks left and am looking forward to extreme weekend. 

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