Monday, July 20, 2015

What's Happening at DMC by Scott

At Durango Mountain Camp I have been doing lots of things. To begin with, in tutoring we have been working on an essay about China. It is about the unification of China. During the Qin Dynasty Shi Huangdi was emperor and helped bring the warring states within China under his rule. Also, the construction of Great Wall of China began during his rule. Then, over the weekend we hiked Engineer Mountain. We did not make it to the top because it started to storm, but we got pretty close to the top and stopped at a lookout area. When we were coming down it started hailing and thundering, so we ran down and hid under a rock.  Finally, in art class we are starting watercolor paintings. Today we learned how to blend colors. We are going to start painting tomorrow. This is what has been going on at DMC.

- Scott

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